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For Beginners
For Beginners


Most Importantly

Seek God's direction in making your decisions.

Join our support group.  Why?

  • Support and information, field trips, youth events, mom's night out, workshops, and fellowship
  • Receive timely information regarding legislation related to home education
  • Cure those "socialization" issues by participating in activities and events relative to your needs
  • Receive a bimonthly newsletter and use our web site
  • Formal graduation ceremonies yearly 

Know the Law

Find out more from the Legal section of this site.

Enroll Your Child  (click here for info)

Do Your Research

Read "Important Steps to Begin Home Schooling" by Bob Jones University Press.  You will get basic information regarding state laws, curriculum, setting up your home school, record keeping, organizing your time, preparing lesson plans, etc.  It is very brief but informative.

Review more detailed information found under "Educational Resources" on our
Links page.  Another link to check out is http://www.homeschooling.about.com.  You may want to subscribe to their email newsletter.  Great site but not just for home educators.

Read the
FAQ on this site.

Visit the Hattiesburg Public Library and ask for the information book on home education.  There is a basic list of curriculum in the notebook.  It is not complete but will give you a starting point in choosing curriculum you find interesting.  Cathy Duffy and Mary Pride have excellent books in the homeschooling section of the library.

Consider Joining the Homeschool Legal Defense Association

HSLDA gives you access to legal representation if the need arises.

Keep in Mind

Homeschooling is a lifestyle and you will have to make some adjustments.  If you are taking your child out of public or private school, you will probably be faced with getting to know your child again.  Your child has been away from you for eight hours a day.  You may need to do some re-teaching about honoring parents and respecting siblings; therefore, you may need to rethink and/or adjust discipline.  You will spend time becoming friends on a deeper level.  This takes time.  Enjoy your child!  Because YOU, a parent, care more for the well-being of your child and his/her education, you will be sure the academics are covered.

4th Annual Summer HOMESCHOOL FAIR

Homeschool Fair 2008
AUGUST 16, 2008


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